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Essential Oils

Lemon Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Citriodora)
Lemon eucalyptus contains a high concentration (over 70%) of citronellal, a terpenic aldehyde that is a well-known insect repellent. This essential oil is noted for its anti-inflammatory, anti-septic and strong anti-infectious properties, as well as its calming effect on nerves. A characteristic that appeals to smokers: its ability to limit nicotine withdrawal, as its lemony scent calms and relaxes neuro-olfactory connections. Lemon eucalyptus also relieves muscle and joint pain and helps combat the effects of asthenia.

Iary (Psiadia Altissima)
Iary has been traditionally used by the local peoples of East Madagascar to repel insects. An analysis of the plant’s essential oil shows a high concentration (over 80%) of terpene, whose insect repellent properties are well established. The plant is used in family medicine to relieve itching.

Saro; Mandravasarotra (Cinnamosma Fragrans)
Saro is said to ward off evil, help overcome difficulties and keep away evil spirits. An exceptional, balanced essential oil, devoid of any potentially harmful molecules. A natural protector. This essential oil has a slight immunomodulant action and an excellent stabilizing effect on the immune system (lymphocytes). Its high concentration of oxidized molecules makes it a good anti-viral and an effective catarrhal expectorant. It acts on bacteria, parasites and fungal agents thanks to its neuro-tonic and cutaneous astringent properties. Bacteriostatic upon application, it becomes a natural bactericide a few days later (unlike the immediate-acting aggressive bactericides in chemical products). Saro enhances the virtues of Eucalyptus and Iary to protect against biting insects.


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