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Essential aromatic oils in a biodegradable sponge, in jars of 112gr & 35gr.

Naturally coloured with vegetal pigments and chlorophylls which do not alter the properties of the essential oils. Durability: From six months up to over one year.

Depends on the volatility of the aroma and on the atmospheric conditions - i.e.: a jar positioned under an air conditioning system will last less because the diffusion of the aroma will be accelerated by the air conditioning; also, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Orange are the most volatile. On the contrary, Ylang-Top, Jasmine, Rose and Pine...will last more than 12 months. Generally, the average duration is 8 months, even under extreme heat and dryness conditions.

The area covered by one jar continuously opened, is a surface of about 100 to 150 square feet.

Environmental Fragrances are manufactured in accordance with the legal regulations in force in the E.E.C. and the USA (IFRA & RIFM norms), they are ISO 9001 certified. They have the International Award For Commercial Prestige and the International Gold Star For Quality

Beautiful handcrafted ceramic lids for air fresheners


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